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Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings is a unique window covering solution that can elevate the look of any room while providing elegant light control. This Luxaflex exclusive product features front-facing fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing, which move in tandem to create a fluid, graceful effect during opening and closing. The three-dimensional fabric vanes offer a uniform interior look while also softly filtering sunlight and providing privacy.

With Luxaflex® Pirouette® ClearView® Shadings, you can maximize your view while achieving infinite combinations of light control, privacy, and UV protection. The soft horizontal fabric vanes float on a sheer backing, allowing natural light to filter into the room while maintaining a view through. The specialized sheer fabric also offers superior views to the outside while transforming the light inside into a comforting glow.

Luxaflex Pirouette also features a revolutionary Invisi-Lift System that suspends the shadings’ soft vanes for variable light control, allowing the vanes to be fully raised and lowered without obstructing the view. You can operate the shading system using the EasyRise continuous cord loop system, ULTRAGUIDE® retractable pull cord system, or PowerView remote control or app-driven motorized system. The Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings is the perfect curve that combines the beauty of natural light with privacy and variable light control.