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Ombra Awnings offer an exceptional external screening solution that provides



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Ombra Awnings offer an exceptional external screening solution that provides privacy and protection all year round. With its straight drop side retention external blind system, you can close off your outdoor living areas, ensuring that you are shielded from the elements and insects, regardless of the season. Whether you have an alfresco, pergola, veranda, or balcony, Ombra is the perfect addition to any outdoor entertaining area.

In addition, Ombra is an excellent alternative to traditional awnings and outdoor roller shutters for home and office windows. It's sleek, secure, and durable, and can be custom designed to fit almost any area, with widths of up to 5.8 metres or an impressive 7 metres with Ombra Extreme. The breakthrough z-LOCKā„¢ technology provides a unique fabric guide, fastening and securing the welded zip and fabric concealed within the side channels, creating a strong, smooth, and streamlined system.


Ombra offers different solutions to suit various external shade applications, such as the Straight Drop, Wire Guide, and Channel Guide. The Straight Drop is a simplified minimal solution, while the Wire Guide is a discreet cable guided option, and the Channel Guide features a slimline tension-free side guide ideal for sheltered areas around the home.

Overall, Ombra Awnings allows you to completely seal and protect your outdoor entertaining area. It provides wind resistance, sun/UV protection, insect resistance, coastal approval, privacy, and anti-glare features, making it the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window.